Electronic register of valid, placed on hold or revoked public key certificates

This Register is an electronic database containing information on self-signed certificates of the electronic seal of the Central Certification Authority (CCA), certificates of the CCA to add the electronic seal to the Trusted List and to the data in the protocol of determining the status of the certificate in real time, certificates of qualified trust services providers (hereinafter - providers), formed using a self-signed certificate of electronic seal of the CCA, the status and restrictions on the use of such certificates, as well as certificates revocation lists (CRL) of the CCA.

Order of the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine dated July 28, 2020 No. 112 "On approval of the Procedure for maintaining the register of valid, blocked and revoked public key certificates", registered in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine on August 18, 2020 under No. 798/35081

Qualified trust services providers

Information on qualified trust service providers, together with the information about the qualified electronic trust services they provide in a form suitable for automatic processing, is contained in the Trusted List